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Northern tip of Cap Corse

The northern tip of Cap Corse, a 40min drive from Erbalunga (itinerary) is exceptionally well-preserved, with many protected areas and picturesque villages.  Tamarone in Macinaggio and Barcaggio beaches, the famous Customs' Officers' Trail (Sentier des Douaniers) (3hrs 15 mins walk from Tamarone to Barcaggio, return by boat possible), the Tower Santa Maria (40 mins walk from Macinaggio), typical fishing ports in Barcaggio and Centuri, are ideal stops for lunch. You will also discover the Caps Corse's vineyards : the  and Domaine Pieretti. The drive alone, punctuated by breath-taking panoramas, is a worthwhile trip. For epicureans and sport-minded alike, ask us about a suitable itinerary for you.

The magnificent Cap Corse

The drive around the Cap Corse is an ideal day-trip (three hours actual driving: itinerary), dotted with breathtaking panoramas.  


The main sights include Porticciolo, a picturesque marina, Tamarone beach in Macinaggio which leads into a natural reserve, the fishing port in Centuri (an ideal stop for lunch), and the delightful small hamlets of Pino and Barrettali.


The superb village of Nonza has a magnificant view point, once of the most spectacular coastline views in Corsica. To round off the day, you will drive through Patrimonio which is famous for its vineyards and also its remarkable church, before heading back to Erbalunga via Bastia. 

Saleccia and Agriate desert

To the west of Saint Florent, a 45-minute drive from Erbalunga (map), is the Agriates Reserve, the Customs Officer’s Trail (Sentier des Douaniers), along with Saleccia and Lodu beaches, which are two of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica. There are no restaurants on the beach, so don’t forget your picnic and bottled water!


There are several ways to get there :


  • Via the trail from Casta: approximately 1.5 hrs of trail driving (a high vehicule is highly recommended). A 4WD shuttle service is also available which is considerably quicker.
  • By sea: Shuttles and taxi-boats depart from Saint Florent port, such as  Le Popeye.

Corte and its surroundings

Only a 90-minute drive from Erbalunga is the historical heart of Corsica, the town of Corte. And don’t miss the stunning Restonica Gorge nearby, which boasts crystal clear pools, ideal for swimming. Itinerary

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